Measure content performance to optimize for results

Track your best performing content and tribemate responses to understand what resonates with your audience.

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Analytics for Blog Posts

Track post analytics, gain insights on social traction, and gather meaningful data to improve click and share rates.

  • Clicks to Your Site
  • Content Shares

Tribemate Analytics

Review share impressions, following growth and content performance across social networks.

  • Who's Sharing
  • Who's Not Sharing
  • Who's Following You
  • Find Your Ambassadors / Top Tribemates

Tribe Performance

Measure the growth of your tribes over time. Automatically track who shares and actively engages with your content.

  • New Members
  • New Followers
  • Number of New Posts in Tribal Stream
  • Number of Shares from Tribal Stream
  • Most Active Tribemates

Benefits of Triberr Analytics

Evaluate Content

Test the effectiveness of various content across your network

Identify Brand

See who shares your content and engage directly with them

Measure Content

See what locations and channels your content is being shared the most

Learn From Your Network

Engage with members who read, write, curate, and share similar content

Generate Content Ideas

Use Triberr to find content that resonates with your target audience

Stay Socially Active

Maintain and grow your social presence without wasting time and money

Thousands of websites use Triberr every day to promote their content

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