When you go to an online casino, then in the slots section you see a lot of all sorts of interesting pictures. These are avatars of slot machines. What kind of them to play? All slots belong to different software developers - the software base of the device. Endorphina, NetEnt, Microgaming - these are just some of them.
One of the advantages of online casinos is that you can choose a slot that you like. When choosing a slot, you should look at two things: your desire and options. The desire of the vast majority of players is obvious - not to lose. With options a little more complicated.
The most optimal strategy is to leave at a local peak, that is, when there will be a win. Winning will be a violation of dispersion, and in accordance with the mathematical model of slot machines, a loss will follow. Better go to another slot. But there everything will depend on good luck. Expectation - RPT is a rather insidious category. Neither roulette nor, as mentioned above, slots have no memory. That is, each time the player begins to play as if anew. It is important to understand clearly that the slot should not, no obligation to return the lost money. How do you know the dispersion slot or not? You need to twist it. If during the game there was a "drawdown", for example, a hundred denominations, then there is a high probability that the slot is dispersive. If the gaming machine "ate" 200-300 denominations, then it is highly dispersed. In a low-dispersion slot, you do not wait for return for a long time. A distinctive feature of such an automaton is that it “keeps balance”. Also worth paying attention to the RPT - here the percentage is relatively high. There are no jumps when falling top symbols or wilds.


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